Available Downloads

WRPN is completely free of charge. There are no licensing requirements. Currently available in English only.

Alternately, if you just want to try the application without having to install anything, you can extract the following files (to a USB flash drive, for example). Obviously, there is no check for prerequisites:

Other downloads include:

System Requirements/Prerequisites

WRPN will run on all modern Windows platforms, and requires at least version 4.0 of the .Net Framework. If the .Net Framework is not present, the user will be prompted to install it during the setup

Setup Instructions

To install WRPN, just download and click the SetupWRPN.msi file. The install wizard will launch and allow you to select the location to install the application, configuration files, and help files.

Source code

WRPN is also available as "source code". That means that can use Microsoft Visual Studio to alter the program and recompile it to suit your needs. Microsoft provides the Visual Studio Express Edition as a free download at

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