Release Notes

What's New!

Version 7 has included the following:

Release Notes

A "point release" (a change to the number at the first decimal place) indicates that a change to config file is also required.

Since there is no formal notification process for changes, users are encouraged to periodically view this page.

Version Date Notes
v7.0.1 3 Nov 21 fixed issue with shortcuts using Index functions (CS, VB, and Web only)
Fixed a character entry "sign extension" bug
v7.0.0 6 Jun 21 Auto-scale font system
Fixed a few lingering bugs with LSTx, DBLx, DBLd, and DBLR and 1's complement functions
Changes to Android layout (see below)
v6.0.8 11 Jan 16 Bug in ISZ programming function
Many Android changes (see below)
v6.0.7 22 Jul 15 Better multilanguage support
Bug in Division and RMD error checking
v6.0.6 1 Mar 14 Change to stack operations to more closely match the real calculator
Add keyboard support for non-number pad entry
Thanks to Anthony C Howe
v6.0.5 14 Aug 13 Fixed a bug on locating a Label in programming mode
v6.0.4 29 May 12 Fixed a bug when entering decimal point with a single digit
v6.0.3 5 May 12 Fixed a bug with Left and Right bit rotation
v6.0.2 26 Apr 12 Bug fix with current program location logic
v6.0.1 29 Mar 12 Bug fix for X<>Y key in Android version
v6.0.0 5 Feb 12 Initial v6 release

Android-specific Release Notes

The Android version of WRPN has undergone a lot of changes with v7.0.0

Technical Considerations

There are quite a few differences between this software implementation and the original (physical) HP 16C calculator